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rajibraj May 6, 2024

As we gear up for another exciting year of progress and innovation in the realm of affordable housing, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of nominations for the prestigious 2024 Florida Housing Coalition Awards! This is your opportunity to shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals and organizations who are making a profound difference in the lives of Floridians through their outstanding contributions to housing affordability.

Recipients will be recognized on Monday, August 26 at the 37th Annual Statewide Affordable Housing Conference (August 26-28, 2024) at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida.

Housing Champion Award

Do you know a visionary leader, a tireless advocate, or an innovative trailblazer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing the cause of affordable housing in Florida? Whether they’re a State Legislator, a Local Elected Official, or a Business Leader, nominate them for the Housing Champion Award! This award celebrates their unwavering dedication to creating vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone has access to safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Housing Innovators Award

Have you witnessed groundbreaking technologies, creative programs, or novel strategies that are revolutionizing the landscape of affordable housing in Florida? Nominate the pioneers behind these innovative solutions for the Housing Innovators Award! Their visionary spirit and inventive approaches are driving transformative change and inspiring new possibilities for addressing housing affordability challenges across the state.

Have you been moved by compelling narratives, powerful media coverage, or artistic endeavors that are raising awareness and advocating for affordable housing in Florida? Nominate the storytellers behind these impactful initiatives for the Storytellers Award! Their ability to engage, educate, and inspire through various media platforms is shaping public perceptions, influencing policy discussions, and driving meaningful change in the realm of affordable housing.

SHIP Administrators will receive a separate email detailing the criteria and submission instructions for the 2024 AHAC Award, SHIP Rehabilitation, Purchase Assistance, and New Construction Award. For more information, contact Tamara West.

Nominate deserving candidates who embody the spirit of leadership, innovation, and advocacy in affordable housing by May 30, 2024. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to honor their remarkable contributions and celebrate their role in building a brighter, more equitable future for all Floridians!

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the mission of the Florida Housing Coalition. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create positive change in the lives of individuals and families throughout our state.