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Advocating for Affordable Housing

Step into the realm where advocacy meets education, where collaboration drives change, and where the pursuit of affordable housing solutions transforms communities. Welcome to our Sadowski Affiliates page, which serves as your gateway to understanding our advocacy efforts and the critical role you play in advancing affordable housing policy.

Our Approach to advocacy

At the Florida Housing Coalition, we believe in the power of education and collaboration to drive meaningful change. We are committed to educating legislators, partners, and the public on affordable housing issues and advocating for the full and appropriate use of the Sadowski Fund for Florida’s housing programs.

The Sadowski Affiliates

Sadowski Affiliates play a crucial role in amplifying our collective message. Comprised of local and regional organizations across Florida, the Sadowski Affiliates support the Coalition’s mission to ensure that all state and local housing trust funds are used solely for housing initiatives.

Advocacy In Action

Contact Your Legislator

Schedule a meeting with your legislator or legislative aide in your district.
Find Your Legislator

Prepare For the Meeting

Notify Kody Glazer at 954-804-1320 to help prepare for the meeting.
Email Kody

Materials for Meeting

Download and share the Sadowski Affiliates One Pager and real stories with your legislator.
Download Materials

Focus Areas

Tailor your conversation to address specific subsets of Florida's population, such as employers and employees, families and children, persons experiencing homelessness, people with special needs, veterans, and other Floridians.
Supplemental Resources

Send A Thank You

After the meeting, send a thank-you note to your legislator expressing appreciation for their time and attention.

Provide Feedback

Follow up with Kody Glazer to share feedback on the meeting and discuss any follow-up actions.
Join the sadowski Affiliates

Ready to be part of our collective advocacy efforts? Join us as a Sadowski Affiliate and lend your voice to the call for affordable housing solutions. As a Sadowski Affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in webinars, stay informed on housing trust fund issues, and contribute to our advocacy efforts.

Together we can make a difference in shaping housing policy and advocating for affordable housing solutions that benefit all Floridians. Together, we can create thriving communities where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.