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Elevating Community Land Trusts to New Heights

Welcome to the future of affordable homeownership

Welcome to the Community Land Trust (CLT) Institute, a groundbreaking initiative designed to build the capacity of CLTs and ensure the long-term viability of affordable housing in Florida. As interest in community land trusts and other shared equity models grows, the Florida CLT Institute focuses on promoting industry standards and best practices amongst all CLTs in Florida to bring them to scale.

Florida's Community Land Trusts

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in Florida are nonprofit organizations dedicated to creating and preserving affordable housing opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals and families. By separating the ownership of land from the ownership of homes, CLTs ensure that housing remains permanently affordable, even as properties change hands. 

In Florida, CLTs play a pivotal role in addressing housing challenges, from urban centers to rural areas, by providing stable, sustainable homeownership solutions that empower residents and strengthen communities.

From newly formed or organizing CLTs to established organizations with decades of experience, Florida’s CLTs are at the forefront of the affordable housing movement. They work tirelessly to acquire land, develop homes, and provide ongoing support to homeowners, creating pathways to economic stability and community resilience. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to social equity, Florida’s CLTs are driving positive change and shaping the future of housing in the Sunshine State.

Community land Trust Certification Program

Program Overview

The Florida Community Land Trust (CLT) Training and Certification Program, a collaboration between the Florida Housing Coalition and Freddie Mac, invites CLT organizations and those operating CLT programs within the state of Florida to apply to become a Certified Community Land Trust. The CLT Training and Certification Program is the first of its kind program to build the capacity of CLTs so that they operate at the highest standards. Certified Community Land Trusts demonstrate their ability to carry out the long-term stewardship that makes this unique type of homeownership a safe investment for homebuyers, local governments, and lenders.

Certified Community Land Trusts

Celebrate the success and dedication of Community Land Trusts (CLTs) across Florida that have completed the Certified Community Land Trust Institute programming and earned certification. These CLTs have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in affordable housing stewardship, paving the way for sustainable homeownership opportunities for generations to come.

Through the rigorous CLT Training and Certification Program, powered by the Florida Housing Coalition and Freddie Mac, these organizations have undergone comprehensive training, evaluation, and mortgage-readiness assessments. Their dedication to implementing best practices and adhering to industry standards has not only earned them certification but also instilled confidence in lenders, borrowers, and local governments alike.

With Certified Community Land Trust designation, these CLTs have solidified their position as trusted partners in the affordable housing ecosystem. They stand ready to collaborate with local governments in managing surplus land, implementing inclusionary housing ordinances, and providing down payment assistance programs. For lenders, their certification signifies a commitment to excellence and adherence to stringent operational standards, making loans to CLT homebuyers among the safest investments.

Join us in applauding these CLTs for their outstanding achievements and their role in advancing affordable homeownership across Florida. Their dedication and expertise serve as a beacon of hope for communities striving to ensure housing stability and economic opportunity for all residents.

For More Information

Are you ready to join the ranks of Florida’s distinguished Certified Community Land Trusts and make a lasting impact in affordable housing? Take the first step towards certification by reaching out to us today! Whether you’re a newly forming CLT seeking guidance or an established organization looking to enhance your operations, the Florida Housing Coalition Community Land Trust Institute is here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more about our transformative training and certification program and discover how we can help you achieve excellence in affordable housing stewardship. Together, let’s build a brighter future for communities across Florida.

The Florida Housing Coalition’s Community Trust Institute is available through the generous support of Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac delivered strong financial results in the first quarter, continuing its focus on mission and finding new ways to promote affordability and sustainability for borrowers and renters.