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Increasing Housing Stability: A Path to Thriving Communities

Why Home Matters

Home is more than just a place to live—it’s the cornerstone of health, education, personal success, and community well-being. Yet, for millions of Floridians, access to safe, affordable housing remains a challenge. Through the Home Matters Report and our ongoing efforts, we’re shining a light on the critical importance of housing stability and advocating for solutions that create lasting change.

Through an ongoing partnership with PNC Bank, the Florida Housing Coalition publishes its annual Home Matters Report each fall. Filled with valuable insights and research designed to increase housing stability throughout the state, the Home Matters Report provides expert insights, data-driven strategies, and helpful talking points that advocate for innovative housing strategies designed to increase housing stability and ensure that all Floridians have access to safe, affordable housing.

Housing Affordability Myths

Discover the realities behind common misconceptions surrounding housing affordability in Florida. By hovering over each myth, sourced insights from the Home Matters report provide a deeper understanding of the complex landscape of housing affordability and equip you with accurate information to foster informed discussions while advocating for equitable housing solutions. 


Homelessness does not impact families.


No Floridian spends more than half their income on housing.


There's enough affordable housing for everyone who needs it.


It is possible to find housing on Florida's minimum wage. 


Florida has always had a rent stability crisis.


Florida's housing crisis impacts everyone equally.


Housing affordability only impacts a small percentage of Floridians.


Housing is attainable for Florida's hospitality workers.

Key Insights from the home matters report:

Explore the latest findings from the Home Matters Report, an annual publication that delves into the state of affordable housing in Florida and the impact of our collective efforts to increase housing stability:

  1. Housing Affordability Crisis: Over 2.4 million low-income Florida households face housing cost burdens, with over half paying more than 50% of their income towards housing.
  2. Homelessness: Despite progress, over 25,000 individuals and families experience literal homelessness on any given night in Florida, with over 78,277 students lacking a permanent place to live.
  3. Rental Housing Shortage: Florida has only 23 affordable and available rental units for every 100 extremely low-income renters, leaving many families struggling to find stable housing.
  4. Affordable Housing Preservation: Over 83,687 units of affordable housing are at risk of being permanently lost from the housing stock by 2043, further exacerbating the affordability crisis.

the impact of affordable housing:

Discover why affordable housing matters for the health, safety, and economic well-being of Floridians:
  1. Reduced Taxpayer Expenses: Affordable housing reduces public costs associated with healthcare, homelessness, and poor educational outcomes.
  2. Economic Stimulus: Investments in housing construction and rehabilitation create jobs, stimulate local economies, and generate long-term economic growth.
  3. Legislative Milestones: Celebrate the passage of transformative housing legislation, such as the Live Local Act, which fully funded critical housing programs and marked a historic milestone in addressing housing needs statewide.

join us in advancing housing stability

Ready to be part of the solution? Explore the Home Matters Report, dive into our interactive dashboards, and join us in advocating for policies and programs that increase housing stability and create thriving communities for all Floridians.