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Telephone and email technical assistance is available Monday through Friday at (800) 677-4548 or by emailing info@flhousing.org

We can answer your brief question to help you finish today’s task or offer longer-term guidance to assist throughout the stages of a project. 

At the forefront of affordable housing initiatives stands the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP), a beacon of hope for communities across Florida. The Florida Housing Coalition proudly champions this program, offering a wealth of educational resources through our engaging SHIP Webinars.

The State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) serves as a vital lifeline, providing crucial funds to local governments to foster affordable homeownership and multifamily housing opportunities. Designed to empower very low, low, and moderate-income families, SHIP offers assistance for home purchases, repairs, and various housing needs.

Empowerment Through Education

As part of our commitment to empowering communities, the Florida Housing Coalition conducts a series of free webinars, ranging between 50 to 75 annually, under our Catalyst Program, generously supported by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. These webinars are tailored to support SHIP Program Administrators at the local government and nonprofit levels, as well as other housing professionals, in maximizing the utilization of SHIP funding sources.

Impactful Topics, Endless Possibilities

Our SHIP Webinars cover a diverse range of topics spanning all service areas of the coalition. From innovative housing production strategies to compliance and reporting requirements, our webinars provide invaluable insights and practical guidance to help participants navigate the complexities of SHIP funding and implementation.

Elevate your knowledge, enhance your skills, and make a meaningful impact in affordable housing. Join us for our upcoming SHIP Webinars and be part of the transformational journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for all Floridians.