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Unlocking the Potential of Florida's Housing Landscape

The Florida Housing Coalition Interactive Housing Ecosystem Map is coming in June 2024. 

Meeting the affordable housing needs of Florida is complex and takes several partners, resources, and policies working together in harmony. At the Florida Housing Coalition, we’re dedicated to strengthening housing ecosystems across the state, ensuring that everyone has access to safe, affordable housing options that provide stability, security, and opportunity.

Why Housing Ecosystems Matter

The housing ecosystem is a vital framework that encompasses the full range of housing options available in our communities and the role partners have in ensuring housing needs are met. From emergency shelters to market-rate homeownership, each segment of the ecosystem plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse housing needs of individuals and families.

The complexity of Florida’s affordable housing landscape includes many unique challenges and opportunities. We bring stakeholders together, facilitating the flow of resources and information while helping to implement housing strategies that help to strengthen the housing ecosystem. By understanding the dynamics involved, we can better identify gaps, address disparities, and strengthen the overall resilience of our communities.

About The Housing Ecosystem

By understanding the dynamics involved, the Interactive Housing Ecosystem Map will help to better identify gaps, address disparities, and strengthen the overall resilience of our communities. Explore below how the Coalition is working to better understand how to address Florida’s affordable housing crisis. 


Our goal is to provide communities with a cohesive set of policies, best practices, strategies, and resources to accelerate the creation of housing, expand housing choice, and increase stability for Florida’s cost-burdened, low- to moderate-income households, and vulnerable populations.


We collaborate with the state’s business community, public agencies, and national organizations as Florida’s hub of housing professionals; premier provider of training, technical assistance and consulting for housing affordability and community development issues; and resource for housing advocacy.  


We support local housing ecosystems to sustain efforts to implement housing strategies with lasting impacts on increasing housing affordability and stability in communities throughout the state of Florida.

Closing the Gap

Despite progress, inequities in housing access and affordability persist, particularly for marginalized communities. Through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation, we’re working to address systemic barriers and create a more equitable housing landscape for all Floridians.

Join Us In Strengthening Housing Ecosystems

Ready to be part of the solution? Join us in our mission to strengthen housing ecosystems, create opportunities, and build communities where everyone has access to safe, affordable housing. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for all.