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Embark on a journey where complexities dissolve into clarity, and visions of affordable housing materialize into reality – welcome to the world of support for SHIP and other programs. At the Florida Housing Coalition, we are more than mere guides; we are architects of opportunity, helping you to navigate the intricate landscape of statewide housing initiatives with precision and purpose.

We understand that the Statewide Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP), SAIL, AHAC and other Federal and State Programs are complex and multilayered. That’s why we’re here to provide expert guidance, education, and technical assistance designed to help you maximize funding sources while staying compliant. 

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We're available to help you finish today's task or offer longer-term guidance to assist through the stages of a program. Assistance is available Monday through Friday at 800-677-4548.

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Join us on our journey to create a more housing-secure Florida. Our experts can help you maximize your funding and resources, amplifying your impact on affordable housing in your community. 

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