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Building and Sustaining housing for generations

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Matthew Wyman

Community Land Trust Manager

Kody Glazer

Chief Legal and Policy Officer

Ryan McKinless

Policy Analyst

Florida’s affordability gap continues to expand with the price of housing growing at a faster rate than incomes. At the same time, the cost to produce housing continues to rise and expiring affordability periods for most funding sources leads to the potential loss of affordable units that will be more difficult to replace. Community land trusts, ground lease programs and shared equity models are tools to preserve investments and create a permanent stock of affordable housing.

The Florida Housing Coalition’s Preservation and Permanent Affordability programs and services support planning, strategy design and implementation and advocacy efforts to establish affordable housing as a permanent community asset primarily though the removal of land from the speculative market. Concurrently, we work with local governments, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure that housing built on that land remains economically viable and accessible for the long term.

Our expertise in action

Preserving Housing Affordability, Together

Join us in the pursuit of lasting impact through Preservation and Permanent Affordability. Together, let’s not just preserve housing; let’s weave a tapestry of enduring communities, where affordability is a legacy for generations to come.