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Our impact on affordable housing in florida

The Florida Housing Coalition is driven by our core belief that decent and affordable housing is a human necessity and an integral part of community revitalization and economic development. We understand that one organization cannot do it alone, which is why we operate as a genuine coalition. We bring together the largest group of affordable housing professionals in Florida to work together toward a common goal – ensuring all Floridians have a quality affordable home and a suitable living environment.

Our impact reflects your commitment to advancing affordable housing in Florida. Whether you are a funder, policy maker, member, or partner, discover how your contributions are transforming the state’s affordable housing landscape.

Discover Our Impact Areas

Explore Our Impact Areas to delve deeper into the Florida Housing Coalition’s influence on affordable housing throughout the state. Hover over each area to uncover the specific ways in which our initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy efforts are shaping communities and advancing accessibility to housing for all Floridians. 


At the Florida Housing Coalition, we’re committed to driving innovation and progress in affordable housing, working hand in hand with local governments, nonprofits, developers, and communities to turn vision into reality. We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to address the complex challenges of housing affordability.

Our approach to implementing housing strategies is multifaceted, drawing on a diverse range of tools, programs, and policies to drive meaningful change. Through strategic partnerships, data-driven solutions, and a commitment to excellence, we empower communities to expand housing opportunities and create permanent affordability.



Home is more than just a place to live—it’s the cornerstone of health, education, personal success, and community well-being. Yet, for millions of Floridians, access to safe, affordable housing remains a challenge. Our Home Matters Report and interactive dashboards help you understand the current state of affordable housing in Florida, see what is working in other communities, and easily share data and insights with your network.

Through an ongoing partnership with PNC Bank, the Florida Housing Coalition publishes its annual Home Matters Report each fall. The report is filled with valuable insights and research designed to increase housing stability throughout the state. It provides expert insights, data-driven strategies, and helpful talking points. As you read and share our report, you are directly contributing to increasing housing stability and ensuring that all Floridians have access to safe, affordable housing.



We’re dedicated to strengthening housing ecosystems across the state, ensuring that everyone has access to safe, affordable housing options that provide stability, security, and opportunity.

The housing ecosystem is a vital framework that encompasses the full range of housing options available in our communities. From emergency shelters to market-rate homeownership, each segment of the ecosystem plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse housing needs of individuals and families.



We believe in the power of education and collaboration to drive meaningful change. We are committed to educating legislators, partners, and the public on affordable housing issues and advocating for the full and appropriate use of the Sadowski Fund for Florida’s housing programs.

As part of the Sadowski Coalition—a collaboration of diverse statewide organizations advocating for housing trust fund usage—the Sadowski Affiliates play a crucial role in amplifying our collective message. Comprised of individuals and organizations across Florida, the Sadowski Affiliates support the coalition’s mission to ensure that all state and local housing trust funds are used solely for housing initiatives.


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By strategically targeting areas of homeownership and financial independence, Incubate Neighborhood Center (INC) aims to revitalize this economically deprived community and build wealth from within. Thank you for the guidance and assistance that you are providing to help our nonprofit become a HUD certified homebuyer counseling agency.

Canieria Gardner
CEO, Incubate Neighborhood Center

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