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Elevate Your Knowledge Through In-Person Learning Experiences

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Are you looking for custom learning solutions for your organization? Our professional staff can help design and deliver a training workshop for your employees or community. 

Contact us today to learn about our custom workshop development services. 

Step into the realm of live workshop events, where learning transcends the confines of screens and textbooks. At the Florida Housing Coalition, we believe in the power of immersive experiences to ignite curiosity, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change in affordable housing.

About Live Workshop Events

Live Workshop Events hosted by the Florida Housing Coalition are dynamic gatherings designed to provide in-depth education and training on critical topics in affordable housing. Held 4-6 times a year, these events offer participants a full day of interactive learning, networking, and skill-building opportunities.

Empowerment Through education

Our Live Workshop Events cover a wide range of subjects, from affordable housing development and financing to community engagement and policy advocacy. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, these workshops offer practical insights, best practices, and actionable strategies to address the most pressing challenges in affordable housing.

Beyond Our Walls: Collaborative Engagement

In addition to our flagship workshop events, we also collaborate with partners to promote and participate in other in-person events throughout the year. These events, ranging from shorter 1-3 hour sessions to full-day workshops, provide valuable opportunities for networking, professional development, and knowledge sharing within the affordable housing community.

Investment in Education

Please note that while some in-person workshops may be free of charge, others may require registration fees or admission fees to cover costs associated with venue rental, materials, and speaker fees. Your investment in education not only enriches your own knowledge and skills but also supports our ongoing efforts to provide high-quality educational programming to the affordable housing community.