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About The Coalition

As Florida’s leading affordable housing expert on everything from ending homelessness to first-time homeownership, we understand the housing and community development challenges that you face. 

Our mission-driven team provides trusted guidance, knowledge, tools, and support to help you advance affordable housing solutions. We bring together the largest network of affordable housing professionals in the state to leverage resources, strengthen policies, and improve the availability and quality of housing in Florida.

Our mission is to bring together housing advocates and resources so that all Floridians have a home that is affordable in a suitable living environment.
We envision a Florida where there exists an ethic to ensure all members of every community, including the most vulnerable and low income, can live in a home of their own choosing that is affordable to them, and that each community has at least one community-based organization with the capacity to play an important role in the delivery of housing and related services.

Transforming Florida's Housing Landscape Together


Discover the dedicated team behind the Florida Housing Coalition's impactful work and unwavering commitment to advancing affordable housing solutions across the state. Our passionate staff members bring together a wealth of knowledge, diverse skills, and a shared dedication to our mission.

With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and community empowerment, our team plays a vital role in shaping the future of housing accessibility for all Floridians. Learn more about the individuals driving positive change and working tirelessly to create a brighter housing future for communities throughout Florida.

Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who guide our mission and shape the future of affordable housing in Florida. Our esteemed Board Members at the Florida Housing Coalition bring a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for creating positive change in housing accessibility.

Committed to our vision of ensuring every Floridian has access to safe and affordable housing, our board members combine their unique insights to drive innovative solutions and impactful advocacy efforts. Get to know the faces behind our organization's success as we work collaboratively to make a difference in the lives of communities throughout the state.

Meet The Board

We are proud to highlight the organizations, agencies, and individuals who stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our shared mission of promoting affordable housing solutions throughout Florida.

These partnerships are the cornerstone of our success, allowing us to pool resources, expertise, and passion to drive meaningful change. Together, we are creating a network of impact that reaches every corner of the state, bringing the vision of accessible, safe, and affordable housing closer to reality for all Floridians.

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The Coalition is a dynamic network of diverse stakeholders, including local governments, nonprofits, housing professionals, and more, all united by a common goal: to foster thriving communities through accessible and affordable housing. By becoming a member, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, including exclusive training opportunities, policy updates, and networking events. But perhaps even more importantly, you'll become part of a collective effort to strengthen Florida's housing ecosystem. Every member brings unique perspectives, expertise, and experiences to the table, enriching our collective understanding and enabling us to tackle housing challenges from every angle.

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