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Welcome to the digital home of the Housing News Network, the premier journal of the Florida Housing Coalition. Our publication is dedicated to providing the latest insights, research, and updates on affordable housing and community development across Florida.

On this page, you’ll find the current issue of the Housing News Network, packed with in-depth articles, expert analyses, and inspiring stories that drive the conversation on housing policy and practice. Additionally, we offer an extensive archive of past issues, allowing you to explore the rich history and evolution of affordable housing initiatives in our state.

Whether you’re a housing advocate, policy maker, industry professional, or simply passionate about the cause, our journal serves as a vital resource for staying informed and engaged. Dive into the wealth of knowledge provided by the Housing News Network, and join us in our mission to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Floridians.

Current Issue: Summer 2024 (6/29/2024)

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