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rajibraj June 26, 2024

The Florida Housing Coalition is excited to announce the release of two groundbreaking publications: “Missing Middle Development: A Guide for Nonprofit Developers” and its companion guide, “Facilitating Missing Middle Development with House Bill 1339.” These guides provide essential insights and strategies for addressing Florida’s pressing affordable housing crisis.

A Growing Housing Deficit

Florida faces a significant housing deficit, with only 95 homes available per 100 renter households at or below 100% of the area median income (AMI). The gap is even more pronounced for households at or below 50% AMI, with an estimated deficit of nearly 600,000 rental units. Traditional low-density housing developments cannot meet this demand, necessitating innovative solutions to create diverse, affordable housing options.

Embracing Small-Scale Development

Our primary guide, “Missing Middle Development: A Guide for Nonprofit Developers,” highlights the critical role of small-scale developments in providing varied housing choices. It serves as a resource for nonprofits, offering strategies to undertake small-scale projects independently. By supporting these initiatives, we can enhance housing options and meet the needs of different demographic groups, including Baby Boomers seeking manageable homes and younger generations desiring urban, walkable communities.

Leveraging House Bill 1339

The companion guide, “Facilitating Missing Middle Development with House Bill 1339,” delves into the legislative framework established by House Bill 1339. This bill expedites zoning processes for affordable housing on commercial and industrial parcels, significantly reducing the time and barriers associated with traditional zoning changes. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the bill’s provisions, amendments, and practical applications, empowering local governments to utilize this tool effectively.

Acknowledging Our Supporters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to JP Morgan Chase for their generous support in publishing these vital resources. Their commitment to affordable housing has made it possible for us to offer these guides, which we believe will be instrumental in advancing housing solutions across Florida.

Get Your Copy

We invite you to explore these publications to better understand and engage in missing middle development. Together, we can address Florida’s housing challenges and build stronger, more inclusive communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates and resources from the Florida Housing Coalition. Your involvement and support are crucial as we work towards a future where everyone has access to affordable, quality housing.