Gladys Cook

Gladys Cook 813.830.3450 Resilience and Recovery Director and Technical Advisor

GLADYS COOK is the Resilience and Recovery Director for the Florida Housing Coalition. As a planner, Gladys provides research and analysis skills in the formation of disaster recovery strategies for the equitable redevelopment of housing. She produces a weekly disaster recovery webinar for housing professionals and provides training and technical assistance to communities and organizations in the financing of housing development and rehabilitation. Gladys is a strong proponent of innovative building methods for rapid repairs and home replacement and the evaluation of alternative construction methods in the procurement arena. She offers capacity building and strategic planning for organizations including predevelopment, underwriting and compliance for homeownership, rental and supportive housing. Gladys specializes in land banking and the use of surplus land for community land trusts. Gladys is a problem solver and consensus builder seeking to maximize human and capital resources to expedite disaster housing recovery, and the expansion of the supply of accessible, resilient, and affordable homes for workforce and special needs households. Gladys has a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning and has more than 25 years of experience in housing and community development.

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