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Land Use Innovations

We work closely with cities and counties to design and implement land use tools that can significantly increase the supply and preservation of affordable housing.

Innovative land use tools such as Community Land Trusts, regulatory incentives, inclusionary zoning, and surplus land policies can be the key to unlocking a future rich in affordable housing. Many local communities realize that restrictive zoning and outdated land-use regulations can not only deter housing supply from being built, but it can drive up housing costs, and in some cases, widen existing racial and economic disparities. Leveraging strategic zoning reforms and easing building (and parking!) restrictions can encourage significant increases in housing supply.

Specialty Expertises

Whether it is advocating for the adoption of ADUs, creating Community Land Trusts to ensure permanent affordability, drafting ordinances and policies, or seeking creative solutions such as Adaptive Reuse of retail spaces for housing, the Coalition’s expert team is at the forefront of researching and developing working solutions to develop Florida’s affordable housing stock.

  • System Design and Transformation
  • Solutions for Local Governments
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Solutions to Prevent and End Homelessness