How to use the American Rescue Plan’s Local Recovery Funds for Affordable Housing

The Florida Housing Coalition is releasing this fact sheet for local governments, housing advocates, and industry groups on how to use Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (CLFRF) from the American Rescue Plan on affordable housing. These funds can be used for affordable housing development, supportive housing services, down payment assistance, nonprofit aid, and other eligible activities. COVID-19 has accelerated housing unaffordability throughout the state and these dollars provide a tremendous opportunity to fund affordable housing activities in response to the pandemic. The Coalition can help your local government use CLFRF dollars for affordable housing initiatives. Please contact Kody Glazer at if you have any questions.

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MANY Voices, ONE Message, ALL Housing Funds

The Sadowski Coalition is a collection of about 30 statewide organizations which agree that the state and local housing trust funds should be used for only one thing: Florida’s housing programs. There are many local and regional organizations that also agree with this premise.
To become a Sadowski Affiliate, email Johnitta Wells at

If you are with a local or regional organization and would like to be a part of this collective state message, you can join as a Sadowski Affiliate. There is no fee for becoming a Sadowski Affiliate- only the mutual agreement of understanding between all Sadowski Coalition and Affiliate members to bring a cohesive message to the Florida Legislature that all the state and local housing trust fund monies be used for existing housing programs.

As a Sadowski Affiliate, you can participate in regular conference calls regarding issues related to the housing trust funds and assist in the effort to have all of Florida’s housing trust funds used for housing.

The faster Florida’s housing market recovers, the faster Florida’s economy recovers. Housing dollars can put Florida’s out-of-work housing industry back to work repairing homes and improving the real estate market, and help reduce future state budget deficits.

2021 Legislative Wrap Up
The Sadowski Trust Funds sweeps are over-
Entering a new era for Sadowski State and Local Housing Trust Fund appropriations

  • SB 2512 statutory permanently reduced the housing trust funds by changing the percentage of doc stamps that goes to housing.
  • SB 2512 also guarantees (after July 1, 2021) the end to sweeps. View the History of Sadowski Funding- Collected, Appropriated, and Swept
  • Sadowski state and local housing trust funds will be recurring revenue.
  • The funding for fiscal year 2021-22 is $209.2 million.  This is the largest appropriation of Sadowski state and local housing trust funds in twelve years.
  • The amount of Sadowski Act funding will go up and down each year depending upon doc stamp projections and will include growth from the doc stamp collections.
  • SB 1892 created the Emergency Preparedness and Response Fund in the Office of the Governor which was funded with $1 billion dollars.  These dollars will be the primary source of first response instead of diverting SHIP for responding to areas hit by hurricanes or other natural disasters.

*Excerpted summary from a comprehensive Sadowski Legislative Wrap Up article
to be published in the Florida Housing Coalition’s Network News Journal.

Final SHIP Distributions Estimates FY 21-22 
Based on SB2500 as of 06/2021

The Final SHIP Distribution information for fiscal year 2021-2022 is based on SB2500 as of 06/2021; less the following: $5 million Disaster Recovery holdback, monitoring, and Catalyst.


What is the Sadowski Trust Fund? 

Affordable housing is important – not just to those who need it, but for our entire state. Click on the video below to learn who needs affordable, who builds it, where the funding comes from and how it works in this short, but informative clip.



Real Purpose. Real Situations.
Real Lives.

Step-by-Step Guide to Talking with Your Legislators

  1. Contact Your Legislator Where They Live
  2. Schedule a meeting with your Legislator or legislative aide in your district
  3. Notify Jaimie Ross at 850-212-0587 or to let her know when the meeting is to help prepare
  4. Materials for the Meeting
  5. Sadowski Affiliate: Sadowski Affiliates One Pager
  6. Download and share real stories with your legislator.
  7. If you know your legislator is interested in a particular subset of Florida’s population:
  8. Send a thank you to legislator
  9. Finally and most importantly we would like FEEDBACK: Follow up with Jaimie Ross 850-212-0587 or to let her know how the meeting went and if any follow up

Sadowski Affiliates Webinar

The Florida Housing Coalition is hosting a free webinar for Sadowski Affiliates. There is no cost. It is open to ALL HOUSING TRUST FUND ADVOCATES, including all SHIP Administrators and everyone else who wants the Legislature to use all the housing trust fund money for Florida’s affordable housing programs.

In Case you Missed it…. See the most recent Sadowski webinar recordings, PowerPoint presentation, as well as other materials used during that webinar.

Membership in Sadowski Affiliates is free thanks to support from Wells Fargo.

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