The Coalition offers publications focused on various aspects of affordable housing. Please browse the sections below and click the buttons to view entire publications.

A Guidebook for Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Members and Local Government Staff

Housing News Network Journal

Florida Home Matters Report

Florida Community Land Trust Best Practices Manual

Eyesore to Asset- Adapative Reuse Guidebook

Guide to Using SHIP for Rental Housing 

Affordable Housing Resource Guide

Disaster Management
Guide for Housing

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Guidebook

Affordable Housing in Florida

Creating Inclusive
Communities in Florida

Effectively Engaging Individuals with Disabilities in Consolidated Planning 


CLT Homebuyer Education Module- Buyer’s Guide

CLT Homebuyer Education Module- Teacher’s Guide

Case Management Guidebook:

Supporting Households Moving Out of Homelessness

Creating a Local Housing Disaster Recovery Strategy

Community-Based Planning Guide

A Resource for the Disability Community on How to Engage in Local Planning

Residential Rehabilitation Guide

Surplus Lands Guidebook

Landlord Collaboration Guidebook

Guidebook for SHIP Administrators

The Community Allies Guide to Opportunity Zones

PSH Property Management Guidebook

Credit Underwriting Guide for Multi-Family Affordable Housing in Florida

Guide to Developing & Operating
Small Scale Rental Properties


Out of Reach 2019 – Out of Reach: Florida – Published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition

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