Due to the recent advice of the CDC regarding COVID-19, the Florida Housing Coalition will provide our in-person training and technical assistance using alternative means, such as a series of webinars and virtual meetings. The Catalyst in-person meetings such as site visits and workshops will not be held between now and May. We are currently working with FHFC on specifics and will quickly announce alternatives.

If you would like to search by Workshops or Webinars, please use the search tool below. For questions, please contact the Florida Housing Coalition at 850-878-4219 or

WEBINAR- Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery with SHIP PART 1: April 15

REGISTER This is the first of three webinars provided as replacement for the cancelled “Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery with SHIP” workshop that was to be held on April 16, 2020, in Tallahassee.  Housing providers should be aware of the external disaster planning process and understand their role in supporting the process by participating and providing […]

WEBINAR- Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery with SHIP PART 2: April 20

REGISTER The presenters will address how SHIP-DR and other funding sources may contribute to disaster recovery. Topics include disaster-related documentation required, avoiding duplication of benefits, disaster-related repair considerations, using SHIP with CDBG-DR, HHRP, and more. Participants will learn about innovative best practices for post-disaster recovery related to temporary housing, rapid repair, and more.  Presenters will […]

WEBINAR- Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery with SHIP PART 3: April 22

REGISTER This final in a series of disaster webinars will discuss the SHIP Disaster Strategy in the context of Overall Disaster Management.  It will focus on the role of Volunteer Organizations in Disaster Management.  Presenters will provide Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Case Studies and will address SHIP Disaster Frequently Asked Questions.

WEBINAR- Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery with SHIP

REGISTER Florida’s housing providers must be prepared for hurricanes, fires, floods, tornados and more. Every hurricane season has the potential to be a destructive one—this is incentive enough to plan for disaster recovery. A strong and resilient housing inventory is essential to protecting life and property. This webinar will be presented in coordination with staff […]

WEBINAR- Using SHIP to Address Homelessness

REGISTER In the effort to make homelessness rare, brief, and one time, all levels of government and local communities are encouraged to act on strategies that expand the supply of, and increase access to, rental housing subsidies and other affordable housing options. To support this effort, SHIP may provide up to a year of rent […]

WEBINAR- Tracking SHIP Funds, Set-Aside Compliance and Deadlines

REGISTER This training focuses on the upfront work needed to ensure that SHIP funds are expended in a manner that fully complies with SHIP rules. The presenters will discuss a timeline that will help you keep up with the expenditure and encumbrance deadlines. Participants will learn the details of complying with the income, homeownership, construction, […]

WEBINAR- Preparing for the SHIP Monitor: PART 1- May 21

REGISTER This is the first of three webinars provided as replacement for the cancelled “Preparing for the SHIP Monitor” workshop that was to be held on May 21, 2020, in Tampa.  Have you received notice that a Florida Housing Finance Corporation Monitor will soon conduct a compliance review of your SHIP program? Don’t get nervous—get […]

WEBINAR- Building a Coordinated Plan to Deploy Federal and State Rental Housing and Homelessness Program Funding

REGISTER This webinar offers guidance on developing a consolidated investment plan for uses of housing and homelessness rental funding in the COVID era. Presenters will review resources for identifying community needs as well as how to develop a comprehensive understanding of local resources that work best for specific needs. In addition, participants will better understand […]

WEBINAR- Preparing for the SHIP Monitor: PART 2- May 26

REGISTER Don’t be nervous—get prepared for the monitor. In this second webinar you will learn about the items that monitors look for related to file documentation, eligibility determination, and administrative procedures.  This may help you achieve the best outcome during your next monitoring visit. The training will outline SHIP rule compliance, as well as options […]

WEBINAR- Preparing for the SHIP Monitor: PART 3- May 27

REGISTER In this third and final webinar you will learn about budget reconciliation, annual reporting, and SHIP tracking documents that monitors will review.  In addition, presenters will discuss the local government monitoring responsibilities when working with Nonprofit Sub Recipients & Sponsors.  You will also hear best practices for monitoring rental housing for SHIP compliance

WEBINAR- Affordable Housing Funding Sources- Part 1

REGISTER This training is designed for SHIP administrators, other local government housing staff, and nonprofit developers. It provides an overview of major funding sources to subsidize the development of affordable housing, beginning with SHIP, SAIL, CDBG, HOME, and LIHTC. Presenters will also provide an overview of Opportunity Zones, a new program created under the Tax […]

WEBINAR- Affordable Housing Funding Sources- Part 2

REGISTER This webinar is part 2 of a 2-part series providing an overview of major funding sources to subsidize the development of housing that is affordable for rental and homeownership. This part will provide a brief review funding sources for ending homelessness and rental housing, then focus on funding sources for homeownership development, purchase assistance […]

WEBINAR- Omnibus Housing Bill 1339 and How It Affects Your Programs

REGISTER House Bill 1339 is  the omnibus housing bill signed into law by Governor DeSantis on June 9. The bill amended and created statutory requirements for SHIP annual reporting, Affordable Housing Advisory Committees (AHACs), the State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) program, accessory dwelling units, linkage fees, and more. This webinar will provide a summary of […]

CRF for SHIP Guidance: Rent/Mortgage Assistance and More (Training 2)

REGISTER This is the second webinar following the Florida Housing Finance Corporation announcement of CRF CARES funds for city and county SHIP jurisdictions. Presenters will share helpful answers to your frequently asked questions.  Learn how to structure your program and CRF files to quickly expend funds. Receive more guidance on CRF administration and best practices […]

Changes to Expedite CRF, Closeout, and Landlord Orientation (CRF Training 10)

REGISTER Part 1 of this webinar will provide all CRF staff with guidance about the new policy removing the income restriction for rental assistance.  Learn how to save time processing applications to expedite assistance. Presenters will also discuss closeout topics in preparation for the end of the program on December 30. Part 2 of the […]