COVID-19: Housing-Related Resources

Get the information you need to respond to COVID-19. We have started weekly webinars and put together a list of resources to help.
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Weekly Update on COVID-19 Response for Housing and Homelessness in Florida 




Housing Must Be Part of the Solution

As the coronavirus continues to spread and more cases of COVID-19 are diagnosed, access to affordable housing is central to weathering this pandemic. Housing is healthcare. Having a safe place to shelter without fear of eviction or foreclosure is key for communities to practice social distancing and in the case of an infection, full quarantine.

COVID-19 will worsen existing housing inequalities: cost-burdened families and individuals who do not have adequate savings and who disproportionately work in the service industry will be among the hardest hit. Persons experiencing homelessness are greatly at risk from a lack of a place where they can practice safe social distancing. Homeless shelters and nonprofits organizations that provide aid to our most vulnerable citizens lack the resources needed to effectively respond to this pandemic.

If we do not protect access to safe and sanitary housing as part of the emergency response to COVID-19, housing insecure persons in our state will suffer. The housing world will respond rapidly or risk worsening this crisis. The Florida Housing Coalition is working with our partners across the state in disaster management, ending homelessness, housing and community development, local government, and philanthropy to combat the effects of COVID-19.

As long as this pandemic is ongoing, we will be there to provide the information and connections on COVID-19 and housing. Each Thursday at 1:30-2:30pm, we will provide a weekly webinar to provide important information and share the on-the-ground experiences of housing providers across the state. Through the weekly webinar, we hope to provide new ideas, considerations, and helpful strategies as you navigate these unprecedented times.

Housing is Healthcare
Message from Jaimie Ross, FHC CEO

Perfect Timing. Full Appropriation of
Sadowski Housing Trust Funds.

COVID-19 and Homelessness

People experiencing homelessness (PEH) are at severe risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19. PEH do not have the capability to social distance, isolate, or quarantine. Emergency shelters are overcrowded and lack the resources to sleep individuals at the CDC recommended distance. Many shelters have stopped accepting new intakes due to the lack of space, leaving people to sleep in places not meant for human habitation. People experiencing unsheltered homelessness present additional challenges. People who are unsheltered may not be aware of the virus, are typically in poorer health due to outdoor conditions, and lack access to proper sanitation and hygiene.

Action is needed now. Continuums of Care (CoC) working to address this pandemic need more resources and funding. CoCs need an increase to flexible funding, and an increase in state and federal funds designed to address homelessness and mitigate disaster.

COVID-19 has the opportunity to snowball: without proper action now to halt evictions and foreclosures and provide affordable housing to all, the number of people experiencing homelessness will grow, transmissions will increase, and shelters will lack the capacity to safely serve those most in need.

In response to this crisis, at our weekly webinar, our Ending Homelessness Team Director Amanada Rosado will provide information on response efforts, best practices, and will speak with leaders from across the state on the response to COVID-19 and homelessness.

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