Florida CLT Training and Certification Program

The Florida Community Land Trust (CLT) Training and Certification Program, a collaboration between the Florida Housing Coalition and Freddie Mac, invites CLT organizations and those operating CLT programs within the state of Florida to apply to become a Certified Community Land TrustThe CLT Training and Certification Program is a new, first of its kind program that will help build the capacity of CLTs so that they operate at the highest standards. Certified Community Land Trusts demonstrate their ability to carry out the long-term stewardship that makes this unique type of homeownership a safe investment for homebuyers, local governments, and lenders.

Freddie Mac Duty to Serve & Community Land Trusts

Freddie Mac is committed to helping to increase homeownership opportunities for very low-, low- and moderate-income families in underserved markets under their Duty-To-Serve Plan. Recognizing that shared equity homeownership providers, including CLTs, make permanently affordable homeownership possible, Freddie Mac has created mortgage offerings that allow CLTs and lenders increased access to credit for families with low and moderate incomes. For more information on Freddie Mac’s Duty to Serve Community Land Trust Mortgages, click here.

Program Overview

The CLT Training and Certification Program consists of three phases: training and an organizational evaluation, an assessment of the CLT’s readiness to work with Freddie Mac CLT Mortgages, and certification.

Training and Evaluation

The Florida Housing Coalition will conduct on-site training covering core components and best practices for CLTs as well as general best practices for effective nonprofit or program operations. Core components include utilization of a standard ground lease, financial stability, and stewardship measures that preserve affordability and help homeowners avoid foreclosure. CLTs will also have the opportunity to receive technical assistance to improve current operations.

Freddie Mac CLT Mortgage-Readiness

Lenders must underwrite mortgages in accordance with Freddie Mac’s mortgage requirements for loans made to CLT homebuyers. As an interested party to the mortgage transaction that is involved pre- and post-purchase, CLTs must also be assessed to ensure they can carry out effective stewardship activities. The Florida Housing Coalition will evaluate the CLT to ensure that it meets Freddie Mac’s eligibility requirements and that its ground lease conforms to national models.


CLTs that participate in the training program and meet all the program requirements will be designated as a Certified Community Land Trust. Certified CLTs that demonstrate excellence in the implementation of industry best practices will earn a Gold Standard Certification. Certified Community Land Trusts benefit from their partners knowing that the CLT has attained a level of distinction which assures that their support is well-placed.

Click below for a detailed program description including the procedures for training and certification.

Application Process

Eligible applicants include new or existing CLT organizations, existing nonprofit organizations that are expanding their services to include a CLT program, and government or quasi-governmental agencies operating a CLT program or ground lease program. Applicants should submit an application to participate in the Training and Certification Program. Click below to download the application. Applications are due by October 31, 2019. Selection of the CLTs should be completed by the end of November.

If you are interested in learning more about the Florida CLT Training and Certification program or if you have questions about the application, please contact Kimberly Spence at Spence@flhousing.org.

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