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CJ Reynolds

Director, Resiliency and Disaster Recovery

CJ REYNOLDS is the Director of Resilience and Disaster Recovery for the Florida Housing Coalition. She leads statewide initiatives in partnership with state and federal agencies focused on short and long-term housing recovery after disaster recovery. She works with government agencies and developers to increase the resilience of Florida’s affordable housing stock. Before coming to the Coalition, C.J. served as the Director of Resiliency and Engagement at the Tampa Bay Regional Planning for nearly four years and led the Regional Resilience Coalition, including 32 local governments.

C.J. has worked with elected officials, staff, and stakeholders to support coordinated resilience planning, best practices, and programs. She led the development of the Resilience and Energy Assessment of Communities and Housing (REACH) initiative funded by JPMorgan Chase to help local governments integrate affordable housing and resilience planning. From 2010 to 2018, C.J. worked with leading faculty at the University of South Florida to implement research on climate change and stakeholder engagement, which identified impacts on communities and housing, policy disconnects, and other barriers to adaptation.

Connect With Me

Email: reynolds@flhousing.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cj-reynolds-6246ba2/