Landlord Collaboration Guidebook

Landlord Collaboration Guidebook: Working with Landlords to Help Households Move Out of Homelessness

Landlord Collaboration Guidebook- Cover- 2016

We know how hard you work to end homelessness. That is why the Florida Housing Coalition wrote Landlord Collaboration Guidebook: Working with Landlords to Help Households Move Out of Homelessness – it serves as an additional tool in your toolbox as you work to provide access to a safe, affordable, and lasting home for people experiencing homelessness. The guidance offered here focuses on increasing access to existing affordable housing by reaching out to landlords, working collaboratively to offer more housing options, and improving permanent placement and housing stability with the help of landlord partners.

We recognize that at the time of this guidebook’s publication, the Florida housing market is increasingly unaffordable, particularly for the most housing insecure families. Communities across Florida are experiencing tightening rental markets with more selective landlords, rising rents, and disappearing affordable rentals. This guidebook is not a panacea for all of these big picture issues, but will be a help even in high-cost communities where rental housing comes at a significant price. Of course we also know that housing markets typically follow a boom and bust cycle, so the ways this guidebook is used will also change over time.

While we offer this guidebook to help you move people experiencing homelessness into existing safe and affordable housing, it is clear there is a deep and persistent supply challenge for families struggling with very low household incomes. Accessing affordable housing, then, relies upon a two-pronged approach: (1) the work described here – accessing existing housing; and (2) expanding the supply of affordable housing, especially housing stock with low barriers to entry and rents affordable to those with extremely low incomes.  As you utilize the strategies around utilizing existing housing that are detailed in this guidebook, it is also important to deploy proactive supply-oriented strategies simultaneously. Advancing on both fronts will produce the best results.

While this guidebook is the first of its kind in Florida, we offer sincere thanks to those who have already worked on this topic and whose wisdom is reflected in guidance offered here. Appendix I provides a list of the work we drew upon.

If you have stories to share, or additional suggestions or questions, contact us at the Florida Housing Coalition. We are here to help you help our neighbors.

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