Hurricane Manual

Hurricane Manual: Rebuilding After the 2004 Storms

Hurricane Manual: Rebuilding After the 2004 StormsFloridians were indeed very “young” in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew took a shark bite out of Florida’s southeastern flank, nearly flattening a metropolitan civilization. We were indeed wiser when the storms of 2004 and 2005 crisscrossed the state with cones of uncertainty that with precision devastated thousands of homes along with the lifelines of power, water, fuel and communications. Over 700,000 homes were damaged in 2004 alone. Responses were quicker and recovery was more organized yet rebuilding continues even several years later. Hopefully this manual will move Florida’s affordable housing providers even closer to being wise. Wisdom in this context means the scout motto: Be Prepared! Only by looking back and learning from our mistakes and accomplishments can we build an even better plan to meet the dreaded but inevitable disasters that will visit our tropical state.

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