CDBG, HOME, and CHDO Workshop Facilitation

CDBG, HOME, and CHDO Workshop Facilitation

Download the PDF CDBG, HOME and CHDO Workshop information flyer.

cdbg-home-chdo-workshop-flyer The Florida Housing Coalition will help with CDBG, HOME, and CHDO Workshops.

Would your local government like help with citizen participation workshops for FY2013/2014? The Florida Housing Coalition will facilitate CDBG, HOME Sub-recipient, and CHDO workshops for Participating Jurisdictions.

Better Preparation Results in Better Proposals.

The Florida Housing Coalition provides expert technical assistance services to prepare workshop materials and facilitate required public meetings for sub-recipients and Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). The Coalition will prepare the agenda, workshop materials and presentation to facilitate public hearings and prepare your community partners to submit qualified proposals for HUD entitlement funds. The Coalition will help ensure that applicants are well prepared and understand the funding available, eligible activities and other program requirements. The workshops will be vibrant and interactive.

Topics include:

  • How to become a certified CHDO.
  • The roles, responsibilities and requirements for CHDO’s.
  • Project Visioning: including eligibility for CDBG or HOME funding; capacity and skill sets needed; project budgeting and compliance; and a comprehensive overview of other pertinent federal requirements.
  • Identifying and using other sources of funding to leverage your entitlement dollars.
  • How to submit a well drafted proposal.

With better preparation, your community will have better proposals. With better proposals, your community can access greater funding to meet your housing and community development needs.

If you are interested in hosting vibrant and interactive workshops this year with the help of the Florida Housing Coalition, please complete the below form or contact us at or call 850-878-4219.


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