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WEBINAR- Navigating Affordable Housing Law

REGISTER Florida has a variety of state-specific statutes that govern affordable housing policy. This training will introduce basic principles of Florida affordable housing law and answer frequently asked questions regarding the state’s affordable housing programs. Topics include Florida land use laws relating to affordable housing, Florida’s surplus lands law, local funding sources, and the Florida […]

WEBINAR- Updating Your Community’s LHAP (Workshop Supplemental)

REGISTER This webinar is scheduled before the workshop of the same name and is strongly recommended for staff with Local Housing Assistance Plans due in 2022. It will provide examples of the nuts and bolts of the plan update. This is an important training, considering that half of SHIP communities must update their LHAPs in […]

WEBINAR- Understanding the Housing Crisis Response System

REGISTER The Housing Crisis Response System refers to the system of providers, housing stakeholders, and resources available to help people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. This webinar examines the components of an effective housing crisis response system and gives an overview of each, including prevention/diversion, outreach and coordinated entry, emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, and […]

WEBINAR- Considering New Strategies for your LHAP

REGISTER With an increase in SHIP allocations for the 2021 SHIP fiscal year, local governments can consider a combination of diverse strategies to address all the housing needs in their communities. This webinar will discuss not-so-common strategies that can be used to serve both renters and owners. Local governments will be encouraged to review local […]

WEBINAR- Supporting Your Rental Housing Developer

REGISTER Every community in Florida has a shortage of affordable rental housing. Local governments seek quality multifamily development that is responsive to community needs. In the past, local governments had little or no say in the type, scale, or location of multifamily developments. If they met code, they could be built with no local subsidy. […]

WEBINAR- Housing Needs Assessments

REGISTER Planners and housing providers must create the framework for housing programs that are based on documented community need. This requires the preparation of a Housing Needs Assessment. This webinar explains mapping local housing needs that can generate the programs and solutions required to meet the specific housing needs in the community. Data sources for […]

WEBINAR- Healthy Partnerships Between For-Profit and Non-Profit Developers

REGISTER For-profit developers are on the lookout to partner with nonprofits to qualify for the nonprofit set-aside in the FHFC Tax Credit process. Nonprofits who do not have the development experience to submit a winning application without an experienced development partner can benefit from partnering with an experienced developer. This webinar explores the process for […]

WEBINAR- Design Your Housing RFP Process for Quality Responses

REGISTER Local government housing administrators and procurement staff frequently find it necessary to undergo a Request for Proposal process when multiple developments compete for local funding, land donations and regulation concessions. This webinar delivers a concise framework that local governments can adopt to ensure that local housing needs and expectations are met, the process is […]

WEBINAR- Best Practices in Homelessness Prevention

REGISTER Homelessness Prevention is a type of eviction prevention assistance geared toward households who will be at risk of homelessness without assistance. This webinar will review best practices in the implementation of homelessness prevention, including financial assistance models, targeted prevention, and support services. An overview of funding sources will include federal and state funding for […]

WEBINAR- Planning and Zoning Topics for Affordable Housing

REGISTER Local land use policies affect the development of housing that is affordable. This training focuses on how zoning codes, impact fees, development standards, and review processes impact the cost of development and how local governments can use their land use authority to require, facilitate, and encourage the production of affordable housing. Presenters will discuss […]

WEBINAR- Planning to Shelter in Place

REGISTER Targeting housing mitigation activities to support your community’s most vulnerable populations can allow persons with special needs to shelter in place during and after a disaster. Strengthening a home’s ability to withstand hazards prior to a disaster occurring can help persons with special needs shelter in place, removing the additional obstacles of registering for […]

WEBINAR- Increasing Affordable Housing Stock by Repurposing Unused or Underutilized Properties

REGISTER This webinar offers guidance on converting hotels and commercial properties to permanent affordable housing, especially supportive rental housing. The training will highlight the roles of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC), local government staff and elected officials in completing a successful conversion. Learn how to implement House Bill 1339 changes related to zoning. Hotels […]

WEBINAR- Creating a Resilient Housing Stock through Risk Assessment and Mitigation

REGISTER Natural disasters are inevitable- whether brought on by climate change, sea level rise, extreme storms, or life-threatening heat waves. Florida’s housing providers have done a superb job of creating homeowner rehab programs and requiring new development to feature advanced construction or green building principles. But we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. […]

WEBINAR- Best SHIP Practices in Serving Special Needs and Homeless Households

REGISTER This training will address using SHIP to help special needs households and households experiencing homelessness. Attendees will learn the types of special needs defined by Florida statute and how those households can be prioritized for SHIP assistance, including purchase assistance, rent subsidies, home repair and barrier removal, and other rental housing options. Learn how […]

WEBINAR- Financing and Monitoring Rental Housing with SHIP

REGISTER SHIP funding is primarily focused on homeownership, but it can be a valuable tool to support rental housing projects. This webinar addresses the principles behind developing and financing affordable rental housing. The challenges and opportunities of both new construction and rehabilitation will be covered, as will small, scattered site deals and large-scale developments. Learn […]