Due to the recent advice of the CDC regarding COVID-19, the Florida Housing Coalition will provide our in-person training and technical assistance using alternative means, such as a series of webinars and virtual meetings. The Catalyst in-person meetings such as site visits and workshops will not be held between now and May. We are currently working with FHFC on specifics and will quickly announce alternatives.

If you would like to search by Workshops or Webinars, please use the search tool below. For questions, please contact the Florida Housing Coalition at 850-878-4219 or

The Development Process

REGISTER HERE This webinar will help nonprofit developers, housing program administrators, and their community partners to understand the development process, as well as the costs and financing needed to make affordable housing production happen. Learn about a variety of development funding sources including SAIL. Presenters will address land use, impact fees, permitting, platting and more. […]

Adjustments to your SHIP Program in 2020-2021

REGISTER HERE Florida’s SHIP network demonstrated an ability to quickly respond to COVID-19; more of the same is needed to ramp up SHIP programs in response to full funding and a variety of legislative changes that, at a minimum, will affect the way intake and reporting is done.  This webinar provides an overview of the […]

Survive and Thrive as a Nonprofit

REGISTER HERE Designed to help nonprofits build organizational capacity, which in turn supports resource development. This training will help those interested in building nonprofit organizational capacity and resiliency, such as nonprofit CEOs or executive directors, senior staff, board members, funders, and local government staff working with nonprofits. Presenters will help participants identify factors that can […]

Proficiency in Income Qualification

REGISTER HERE This webinar series that provides an overview of the income qualification process for SHIP applicants. It covers the process of proper advertising based on the SHIP rule and statute and your LHAP, establishing a waiting list, the application intake process, setting priorities based on your LHAP, and determining household members to establish household […]

Comprehensive Overview of SAIL

REGISTER HERE The State Apartment Incentive Loan Program, created by the State of Florida, has been a national model for providing gap financing for affordable apartments since it was created over 30 years ago.  This training will explain how the program works in conjunction with bonds and other funding and within the framework of developing […]

Changes to the SHIP Annual Report

REGISTER HERE HB 1339 will require SHIP Administrators to include additional information on the SHIP annual report and institute new tracking of applications.  This training will provide guidance on the new requirements and best practices for tracking required annual report data.

Using Surplus Lands for Affordable Housing

REGISTER HERE There is a wide disparity between how local governments are implementing the surplus lands law.  Some local governments have enormous numbers of property in their inventory available for affordable housing but are stymied in terms of understanding the next steps for disposition. Some local governments are inclined to avoid the law and sell […]

SHIP Rental Assistance After the State of Emergency

REGISTER HERE SHIP may provide rent assistance in blue sky times as well as after a disaster.  This training distinguishes the main differences between the two, including selecting and prioritizing eligible beneficiaries, and income determination because regular rent assistance does not allow for self-certification.  Participants will learn about SHIP rent policy for rent deposits, rent […]