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Trauma-Informed Care

This training provides an overview of the components of a trauma-informed system to help people experiencing homelessness. Learn how to effectively implement trauma-informed care in a variety of service settings.

Cultural Competency

This training focuses on utilizing cultural humility to practice cultural competence. Learn about the importance of cultural humility, culturally sensitive services, and effectively interacting with clients of all backgrounds.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a technique whereby the support worker encourages change by having effective communication skills including reflective listening and expressing empathy.

Community Land Trust Best Practices

This course provides training and technical assistance on best practices for community land trusts in Florida and leads to Certification by the Florida Community Land Trust Institute.

Harm Reduction

This training provides an overview of the harm reduction method to promote wellness and reduce harmful effects for vulnerable households including persons experiencing homelessness.

Fair Housing Planning

Learn the latest from HUD, the world of fair housing, and how to prepare a superior fair housing plan.


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