Fannie Mae CLT Program Reviews

The Florida Housing Coalition is pleased to partner with Fannie Mae to complete program reviews of community land trusts (CLTs) in Florida in partial satisfaction of Fannie Mae’s eligibility requirements for community land trust loans. Lenders and CLTs can find these requirements in Section B5-5.1-04 of the Selling Guide. As part of this review, the Florida Community Land Trust Institute also determines if CLTs meet the requirements of Fannie Mae’s Duty to Serve Plan, as detailed below. Please note that lenders must be approved by Fannie Mae to rely upon this review. Approved lenders may only rely upon this review through August 2019.

The Florida Housing Coalition, Inc., has completed such program reviews and finds that the following community land trusts have passed the review as of the dates listed below. If you are lender authorized to rely upon a Florida Housing Coalition review, please click on the name of the community land trust in the table below for the required Schedule A Review Form.


Name of Organization Review Pass Date
Bright Community Trust, Inc. October 1, 2018
CLT of Palm Beach County, Inc. January 31, 2019
Delray Beach Community Land Trust, Inc. February 14, 2019
Hannibal Square Community Land Trust, Inc. March 13, 2019
South Florida Community Land Trust, Inc. June 2, 2019
Central Florida Regional Housing Trust, Inc. December 26, 2019

Requirements of Fannie Mae Selling Guide

  1. The CLT has the capacity to administer leasehold mortgages.
  2. The CLT [or its affiliated organization] has had at least two years’ experience in successfully managing affordable housing, as evidenced by an organizational resume or history that summarizes the CLT’s experience in providing affordable housing.
  3. The staff responsible for the CLT’s homeownership program have sufficient experience and skills to manage affordable housing, as evidenced by a review of their titles and resumes.
  4. The CLT has a history of successful performance based on a review of the most current annual report or other report documenting the history and performance of the CLT for the most current year.
  5. The CLT’s ground lease is based upon either the National Community Land Trust Network (NCLTN) 2011 CLT Network Model Ground Lease or the Institute for Community Economics (ICE) Model Ground Lease.

Duty to Serve Requirements:

The CLT’s program meets the following Duty to Serve criteria in 12 C.F.R. § 1282.34(d)(4):

  1. Provides homeownership opportunities to very low-, low-, or moderate-income households;
  2. Utilizes a ground lease, deed restriction, subordinate loan or similar legal mechanism that includes a provision that the program will keep the home affordable for subsequent very low-, low-, or moderate-income families with an affordability term of at least 30 years after recordation of the related instrument;
  3. Has a resale formula that limits the homeowner’s proceeds upon resale;
  4. Has a preemptive option for the program administrator or its assignee to purchase the homeownership unit from the homeowner at resale; and
  5. Requires that the program administrators review and pre-approve refinances or home equity lines of credit.

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