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Sadowski Affiliates Logo.Stacked.PRINTThe Sadowski Housing Coalition is a nonpartisan collection of more than 30 diverse statewide organizations that initially came together in 1991 to obtain a dedicated revenue source for Florida’s affordable housing programs, now known as the Sadowski Act.

Facing today’s tough economic times, the Sadowski Housing Coalition urges the Florida Legislature to use Florida’s housing trust fund monies solely for housing and help create 28,300 jobs and $3.57 BILLION in positive economic impact in Florida.**

Check out the SHIP Distribution Estimates for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

(**Based upon documentary stamp projection of $303.43 million (August 2016 revenue estimate for FY 17-18)

The faster Florida’s housing market recovers, the faster Florida’s economy recovers. Housing dollars can put Florida’s out-of-work housing industry back to work repairing homes and improving the real estate market, and help reduce future state budget deficits.

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SHIP Distribution Estimates FY 2017-18

Final SHIP Funding for FY 2016-2017

2017-18 SHIP Distribution Local Economic Impact by Florida House Member

2017-18 SHIP Distribution Local Economic Impact by Florida Senator


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SHIP Success Stories – Real Purpose. Real Situations. Real Lives.

Check out Florida’s Affordable Housing Success Stories


Insufficient Affordable Housing Limits Florida’s Economic Potential

The Florida Policy Institute recently published their report on affordable housing in Florida, Insufficient Affordable Housing Limits Florida’s Economic Potential.

Florida is a great place to visit, and even greater place to live. But for many Floridians struggling to make ends meet and looking to contribute to the state’s economy, it’s just not affordable.

Many low- and moderate- income households face housing costs that exceed 30 percent of their income. In addition, many face a lengthy commute to work, which compounds that cost burden. Affordable housing proximate to employers would not only alleviate this burden, but it would also spur economic growth, by providing new businesses with a reliable workforce and enabling residents the time and resources necessary to grow their communities.

Florida’s local communities and state policymakers both have a role to play in encouraging the development of affordable housing that will relieve a significant burden on families struggling to secure their future and help businesses start and grow.

Click here for the full report.


This year has been a great success. We thank the Florida Legislature for using housing trust funds for housing so that Florida’s housing crisis can be effectively addressed and Florida’s businesses can thrive. During the 2016 legislative session, more than $200 million was appropriated to housing – and this is cause to celebrate. In total, more than $275 million of state funds will be provided for housing during the next year.


Sadowski Coalition Press Conference Urging Legislature to use Housing Trust Fund Monies for Housing- 2017 Press Conference

Members of more than 30 statewide organizations, representing diverse interests from industry and business, faith-based groups, low-income advocates, advocates for the elderly, local governments, and growth management, from the Sadowski Housing Coalition, held a press conference on March 2, 2017, to call on the Florida Legislature to appropriate all the housing trust fund monies for housing in FY 2017-18.

During the press conference, the Florida Housing Coalition released the 2017 Home Matters for Florida report. Home Matters for Florida includes up-to-date data on housing costs in Florida, cost-burdened families, homelessness, wages, and other factors that drive Florida’s affordable housing need.

The Home Matters for Florida report sends a clear message: Fully appropriating the Sadowski Trust Funds for housing is one of the most powerful things we can do for low-income Floridians and the state’s overall economy. If the projected $292.37 million in Sadowski State and Local Trust Funds are fully appropriated, the resulting affordable housing development will create nearly 29,000 jobs and $3.8 billion in positive economic impact.



(Top Left Corner: Jaimie Ross, Facilitator of Sadowski Coalition, and President/CEO for the Florida Housing Coalition; Anitra Highland, SHIP recipient and local law enforcement officer; George Romagnoli, Community Development Director for Pasco County and Chair of Florida Housing Coalition; Brewster Bevis, Sr. Vice President of State and Federal Affairs for Associated Industries of Florida; Dorene Barker, Associate State Director AARP of Florida; Carrie O’Rourke, Vice President of Public Policy for the Florida Realtors)

Several guest speakers attested to the impact of the Sadowski Trust Funds:

  • Jaimie Ross, Facilitator of Sadowski Coalition, and President and CEO for the Florida Housing Coalition
  • Anitra Highland, SHIP recipient and local law enforcement officer
  • George Romagnoli, Community Development Director for Pasco County Community Development
  • Brewster Bevis, Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs for Associated Industries of Florida
  • Dorene Barker, Associate State Director for AARP of Florida
  • Carrie O’Rourke, Vice President of Public Policy for the Florida Realtors

Our deepest thanks to everyone who made the 2017 Home Matters for Florida release a success!



The Florida Housing Coalition is hosting a free webinar for Sadowski Affiliates. There is no cost. It is open to ALL HOUSING TRUST FUND ADVOCATES, including all SHIP Administrators and everyone else who wants the Legislature to use all the housing trust fund money for Florida’s affordable housing programs.

In Case you Missed it….

In case you missed it, click here to see the most recent Sadowski webinar recordings, PowerPoint presentation, as well as other materials used during that webinar.



Sadowski Affiliates Logo.Stacked.PRINT

MANY Voices, ONE Message, ALL Housing Funds

The Sadowski Coalition is a collection of about 30 statewide organizations which agree that the state and local housing trust funds should be used for only one thing: Florida’s housing programs. There are many local and regional organizations that also agree with this premise.

If you are with a local or regional organization and would like to be a part of this collective state message, you can join as a Sadowski Affiliate. There is no fee for becoming a Sadowski Affiliate- only the mutual agreement of understanding between all Sadowski Coalition and Affiliate members to bring a cohesive message to the Florida Legislature that all the state and local housing trust fund monies be used for existing housing programs.

As a Sadowski Affiliate, you can participate in regular conference calls regarding issues related to the housing trust funds and assist in the effort to have all of Florida’s housing trust funds used for housing.

For more information on how to become a Sadowski Affiliate, simply email Johnitta Wells at with the subject line “Join Sadowski Affiliates.”


Membership in the Sadowski Affiliates is free thanks to support from JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Step-by-Step Guide to Talking with Your Legislators

  1. Contact Your Legislator Where They Live
  2. Schedule a meeting with your Legislator or legislative aide in your district
  3. Notify Jaimie Ross at 850-212-0587 or to let her know when the meeting is to help prepare
  4. Materials for the Meeting
  5. Send a thank you to legislator
  6. Finally and most importantly we would like FEEDBACK: Follow up with Jaimie Ross 850-212-0587 or to let her know how the meeting went and if any follow up


For more information, please contact the Florida Housing Coalition at 850-878-4219.