Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network

The Florida Housing Coalition, Inc. is expanding its legislative and policy advocacy to include issues that directly or particularly impact Florida’s nonprofit housing providers, in addition to our support for full funding and repeal of the cap on the Sadowski Act state and local housing trust funds.

We want our advocacy on behalf of nonprofits to be informed by our membership. We are therefore launching the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network to provide a forum for you to provide input to the Florida Housing Coalition on legislative and policy issues that you believe will advance opportunities for nonprofit housing providers’ success; and provide input on how the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network can best meet your needs.

Membership in the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network is free, but is only open to Florida Nonprofits that are Florida Housing Coalition members.

AB1_8536FNHAN Strategic Plan

At the 2015 Conference, the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network reviewed last year’s goals and successes and adopted our third one-year Strategic Plan. The 2014 FNHAN Strategic Plan has 10 goals to advance in the upcoming 2016 year. Read the FNHAN Strategic Plan.

Monthly Teleconference

The FNHAN has monthly calls to engage its members on a variety of housing topics; see this month’s agenda and what members are currently doing.

Join the Network

If you would like to provide input, share information and ideas, or be kept up-to-date on what advocacy issues we are addressing, please join the Network by emailing us at info@flhousing.org to request to be added to the email list.

Because of our education efforts, the housing trust fund cap was repealed. Our efforts now are focused on using all money in the trust funds for affordable housing. Here is some helpful information when working with the media to increase awareness of your organization and cause.

The Affordable Housing Study Commission Report provides the Commission’s findings and recommendations on strategies for increasing the capacity of Florida’s nonprofits to address affordable housing issues.

We are currently helping with the State Preservation Storybook Project to highlight the impact of project-based Section 8 housing. This project is creating storybooks for key leaders to show program value; emphasize private sector involvement and resident success.

Join the Network – Email info@flhousing.org to request to be added to the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network email list.